The good thing about denim is its fading process.

In other word, "indigo bleeding".

As you may know, washing is one of the most important factors to achieve good fading result.

We analyzed indigo fading for years and here are some tips for washing.

*All of our denim garments are already one washed, so you don't need to worry about shrinkage problem.

  • 1st

    If you want to have clear fading contrast of *Hige and **Hachinosu, wear your jeans as much as you can before the first wash. (6 month is ideal)

    *Hige is the creases fades found around the waist and crotch area.

    **Hachinosu is the creases fade found behind the knees.

    If you want to avoid Hige / Hachinosu fading contrast, but just want to achieve clean blue jeans, you can start washing your jeans in early stage.

  • 2nd

    If your jeans get dirty by daily activity or sweating, just wash the jeans without hesitation.

    Dirt, sebum, or bacteria are the main factor damaging the fabric.

    Some people say "Put jeans in the fridge".

    Their argument is partly true because by putting jeans in the fridge, it prevents the growth of bacteria.

    (Personally I don't try this method)

  • 3rd

    Indigo is very delicate dye and dye fixation to the fabric is weak.

    That's why our denim fades to blue color.

    As well as washing, direct sun light affects a lot to our denim, thus when drying your denim, always dry inside out to avoid uneven fades.

  • Home wash

    1. Prepare the water in the bathtub. The temperature should be around 30 degrees.
    2. Inside out the jeans, fasten an upper waist button, put your jeans in the bathtub and make sure your jeans are submerged in the water completely.
    3. Handwash by gently pushing it up and down in the water with neutral (mild) detergent.
    4. Wash off with water and hang the denim inside out to dry it.
      To avoid the wash out of color, do not dry under direct sunlight.
  • Machine wash

    1. Inside out your jeans and fasten an upper waist button.
    2. Set your washing machine to Gentle wash.
    3. Wash it with cold water or lukewarm water with neutral (mild) detergent.
    4. After the wash, hang the denim inside out to dry it. 
      To avoid the wash out of color, do not dry under direct sunlight.
  • Ocean wash

    1. Go into the ocean with your jeans.
    2. After the wash, scrub jeans with sea sand.
      Your jeans will get a beautiful fade as if it got sandblasted process.
    3. Wash off the sand in ocean water or clean water and hang the denim inside out to dry it.
      To avoid the wash out of color, do not dry under direct sunlight.
      The mineral and calcium in the ocean will help your denim to fade unique way.

    AKAZO 31inch worn for 4 years with 10 times washes by Japanese daycare teacher.

    As he takes care of children by squatting all the time, he gets unique fading effects on knees.

    You can also see beautiful fading effects of Hige on crotch area.

  • BACK

    Beautiful fading effects of Hachinosu, beltoop and chainstitching.

    Great patina of paper patch.

    Jeans will become part of your life and reflect your lifestyle.