NIMUDE is a Japanese denim brand founded by KEI AKAHO.

    Ever since he was young, he has always been fascinated by jeans and he studied all the denim process, indigo fades, and fabric construction when he was working at Kaihara denim.

    He developed innovative denim fabric for Japanese and international denim brands, but he always wanted to make jeans on his own by using premium denim fabric with sophisticated pattern.

    Although Okayama is known for its denim capital and craftmanship, due to the current mass production movement, some important
    spirits and craftmanship are about to disappear.

    NIMUDE protects this community by producing timeless - built to last denim garments.

    We only use high-quality Japanese denim stitched by the best artisans in Okayama.

    All of our garments come with minimal-contemporary design made to fit any fashion scenes such as luxury, vintage and street fashion.

    Our denim pieces have lifetime guarantee and they will become your most loyal partner.

  • Cotton

    We use blended cotton of US, Greece, Australia and Brazil instead of using single origin cotton to make our denim quality stable.

  • Indigo dye

    Our warp yarn is rope dyed and we've been analyzing indigo dye for decades.

    It permits us to bring the best denim fades.

  • Weaving

    Our five-pocket jeans are woven by Toyoda vintage shuttle loom.

  • Denim

    When we choose denim, we consider about weave structure, yarn count and its number of warp & weft.

    We use only Kaihara quality denim.

  • Pattern

    We have confidence in our pattern work.

    We develop pattern and adjust by millimeter to achieve the right fit.

  • Stitching

    Stitching jeans is not easy because when we combine patterns, each part requires special stitching machine and yarn. We stitch our denim by mixing modern way and old school way by using vintage stitching machine which make our jeans unique.

  • Hemmed by unionspecial

    Our jeans are hemmed by vintage unionspecial which gives unique waving fades on the hem.

  • Trims

    All of our trims we use are original. NIMUDE logo is engraved.

  • Paper patch

    Paper patch and labels designed by French graphic designer Atelier Fwells